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    Jane Cassie
    Travel Writer
    13241 14A Avenue
    Surrey, BC, V4A IJ2
    Phone: 604-538-2933
    Email: janecassie@telus.net

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How much do you charge per article?
All of the articles are available on a 'one time rights' basis, meaning that, upon agreement with an editor or publisher, any of the listed articles can be used for a one time publishing. The cost per publishing is $100.00 US / article. Payment is requested upon publication. A 20% kill fee is required.

How much do you charge per photo?
Stock photos are also available on a 'one time rights' basis and upon agreement, can be used for a one time publishing. The cost per publishing is $30.00 / photo. Payment is requested upon publication. A 20% kill fee is required.

How much do you charge for writing a promotional pamphlet?
.75 US / word. The specific information for each brochure is gathered through research and interviews and the buyer has exclusive rights to the final product.

How are articles and photos sent after I agree to purchase? Articles are saved as word files, but can also easily be emailed as TEXT ONLY. Photos are saved as JPEGS and can be scanned to meet the publication's need for resolution and size. They are all sent as attachments, and are accompanied by an invoice.

How do you set up your assignments?
We establish our travel itinerary, based on the needs of various editors who accept our work. The majority of our assignments accompany the pre-approval for publishing. They are based on a formal proposal that not only outlines our travel needs and expectations, but also stipulates the writing and publishing outcomes. Articles are completed and fact checked with the destination / PR contact a short time after our return, and publishing outcomes, whether they are online links, or hard copy tear sheets, are emailed or snail mailed to appropriate contacts. Multiple articles evolve from each assignment, enabling us to sell additional stories to other editors, either via individual queries or from this web site.

What are your writing interests and what destinations do you prefer?
Even though our connections and style often take us on either romantic or family journeys, we enjoy writing and photographing anything that will sell. We're after what editor's want to publish and what people want to read. Soft adventure, history, eco tours, retreats - it's all good. And although BC is near and dear to our hearts, we'll travel beyond our borders to any international destination that has 'sales' appeal.

How can I take your workshop?
The six hour workshop of 'Marketing Strategies for Travel Writers' is currently only instructed on a personal basis. Arrangements for a venue will be arranged when there is interest from five or more participants.

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